COUN 513 P - Gender Studies and Human Sexua
Full title:Gender Studies and Human Sexuality
Course description:Designed to provide a synthesis of information to introduce students to gender issues and male and female development from prenatal experience through retirement. Students will have an opportunity to examine components of women’s and men’s lives such as gender comparisons in cognitive abilities, achievement motivation, social characteristics and personality characteristics, work experiences, physical health and psychological disorders, love relationships and sexuality, and violence related to gender. Should prepare students to be more aware of specific gender issues that impact the course of psychotherapy. Prerequisites: COUN 501, 533, 544 (may be taken concurrently). (Odd S, Even SU)
Instructor: Janet Birkey (
20155 20020
Grade mode:Normal (A,B,C,D,F,I,W)
Course dates
Starts:June 3, 2024
End:June 28, 2024
Census date:June 11, 2024
Registration dates:March 31, 2024 - June 5, 2024
Last day to drop:June 5, 2024
Last day to withdraw:June 14, 2024
Meeting dates and times
Course Pre-requisites
(TestTest scoreCourse)Connector
(COUN 501 Pand
COUN 533 Pand
COUN 544 P)

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