CDIS 510 P - Graduate Seminar 1
Full title:Graduate Seminar 1
Course description:University and graduate catalog policies/procedures, the CDIS Graduate Student Handbook, course rotations, and degree plan templates will be explained. Practicum planning and policies/procedures will also be covered, as will portfolio process, KASA tracking, student intervention plans, research expectations, code of ethics, scope of practice, accreditation and CFCC standards, diversity, data driven and evidence-based practice, client rights, HIPAA, FERPA, abuse/neglect reporting, and patient counseling. The role of professional organizations, clinical teaching/modeling, supervision and self-assessment in practice will be explored, as will workforce issues, and improving professional interpersonal communication skills in challenging situations/conflict mediations; Duty of care to clients and self; This course is pass/fail. (F, S).
Crosslist group:IW
Instructor: Suzanne Swift (
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Grade mode:Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory
Course dates
Starts:January 16, 2024
End:May 10, 2024
Census date:February 2, 2024
Registration dates:November 5, 2023 - January 23, 2024
Last day to drop:January 23, 2024
Last day to withdraw:April 12, 2024
Meeting dates and times
T 12:00pm - 12:50pm Mediasite
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IW23961CDIS 510 PGraduate Seminar 1

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