MATH 1350 - Introduction to Statistics
Full title:Introduction to Statistics
Course description:(Formerly STAT 213) This course discusses the fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistics. Students will gain introductions to topics such as descriptive statistics, probability and basic probability models used in statistics, sampling and statistical inference, and techniques for the visual presentation of numerical data. These concepts will be illustrated by examples from a variety of fields. Prerequisite: MATH 1218 or 1220 or 1510 with a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher. Prerequisites completed within the last two years or a satisfactory score on the math placement test taken in the last year. Initial math placement is determined by a combination of math ACT score and high school GPA. Please consult your adviser. (F, S, Su)
Crosslist group:BC
Instructor: Caitlin Cooley (
25619 10010 402218
Grade mode:Normal (A,B,C,D,F,I,W)
Course dates
Starts:January 16, 2024
End:May 10, 2024
Census date:February 2, 2024
Registration dates:November 5, 2023 - January 23, 2024
Last day to drop:January 23, 2024
Last day to withdraw:April 12, 2024
Meeting dates and times
MW 11:15am - 12:55pm Ruidoso Branch Comm College 209
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BC22468MATH 1350Introduction to Statistics
Course Pre-requisites
(TestTest scoreCourse)Connector
(MATH 1218)or
(MATH 1220)or
(MATH 1510)

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