CHEM 1225 - Gen Chemistry II for STEM
Full title:General Chemistry II for STEM Majors
Course description:(Previously CHEM 152)This course is intended to serve as a continuation of general chemistry principles for students enrolled in science, engineering, and certain preprofessional programs. The course includes, but is not limited to a theoretical and quantitative coverage of solutions and their properties, kinetics, chemical equilibrium, acids and bases, entropy and free energy, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. Additional topics may include (as time permits) organic, polymer, atmospheric, and biochemistry. Prerequisites: CHEM 1215/L. Concurrent enrollment: CHEM 1225L. (F, S)
Instructor: Md Mhahabubur Rhaman (
701753 70070
Grade mode:Normal (A,B,C,D,F,I,W)
Course dates
Starts:January 16, 2024
End:May 10, 2024
Census date:February 2, 2024
Registration dates:November 5, 2023 - January 23, 2024
Last day to drop:January 23, 2024
Last day to withdraw:April 12, 2024
Meeting dates and times
MW F 09:00am - 09:50am Science Building 108
Course Pre-requisites
(TestTest scoreCourse)Connector
(CHEM 1215and
CHEM 1215L)
Course Co-requisites
CourseCourse title
CHEM 1225LGen Chem II for STEM Lab

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