CDIS 590 P - Graduate Seminar 2
Full title:Graduate Seminar 2
Course description:A comprehensive integration and analysis of the field of speech-language pathology; Evaluation and synthesis of information and evidence for clinical decision in case-based settings; Clinical operations, human resource management, and marketing will be explored, as will certification, licensure, CFY expectations, issues in supervision, and the use of clinical assistants. NESPA/PRAXIS preparation activities are required. Completion of the graduate portfolio and simulated ground rounds conclude this clinical capstone experience. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in or successful completion of CDIS 503 and 505. This course may only be taken in the student’s final semester of academic (non-clinical) course enrollment unless specifically approved by the Graduate Coordinator. (F, S) 16 week course but only meets the 1st 8 weeks.
Crosslist group:FP
Instructor: Adrienne Bratcher (
601743 60060 1101793
Grade mode:Normal (A,B,C,D,F,I,W)
Course dates
Starts:January 16, 2024
End:May 10, 2024
Census date:February 2, 2024
Registration dates:November 5, 2023 - January 23, 2024
Last day to drop:January 23, 2024
Last day to withdraw:April 12, 2024
Meeting dates and times
MW 08:00am - 09:40am Mediasite
Crosslisted courses
Crosslist groupCRNCourseTitle
FP20591CDIS 590 PGraduate Seminar 2
Course Pre-requisites
(TestTest scoreCourse)Connector
(CDIS 503 Pand
CDIS 505 P)

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