Information Technology Services
Eastern New Mexico University

Policies and Procedures


Purpose: Provide guidelines for the creation, maintenance and use of an
official email address for communication to any student enrolled at
Eastern New Mexico University.

Policy: Students are assigned an official email address in the Microsoft
Live email system, in the format of, once
they have been admitted and enrolled at ENMU Portales or ENMU Ruidoso.
The email address will remain the same throughout the student's academic
career at ENMU unless the students name is changed for legal purposes or
other extraordinary/extenuating circumstances.

Rules: The student email account should be activated immediately after
they have been accepted at ENMU.

* Important communication from ENMU will be sent to this account upon

* Students will be required to use this email address for all official
  communication that comes from the University.

* The student shall have an ENMU email address at the discretion of the

Guidelines: The students email address cannot be changed without
official approval from Information Technology Services.

* Students must be aware that address changes may affect other
  courseware systems at ENMU.

* The system will prohibit emails larger than 25 megabytes being sent
  or received. Student email accounts currently have a quota of 10 gbs.
  Exceeding the quota will cause the student email account to no longer
  be able to send or receive mail until the account is brought under
  the quota.

* The University expects users to be familiar with and abide by the
  computer use policy.

* In matters not controlled by law or institutional policy, the
  University urges members of its community to exhibit ethical conduct
  in the use of computing resources. Electronic communication can be
  ambiguous and is less personal in nature than other forms of
  interaction. While the University encourages the exchange and debate
  of values and ideas, individuals are expected to exercise good
  judgment to ensure that their electronic communications reflect the
  high ethical standards of the academic community and convey mutual
  respect and civility.

* The University expects members of its community to familiarize
  themselves with copyright laws as they pertain to the educational
  environment and to understand the nature of the special privileges
  (referred to as fair use) extended by law to teachers and students
  in the limited reproduction of copyrighted materials for their
  personal use. The University expects members of its community to
  keep within legal limits in their use of copyrighted materials in
  the electronic environment. Posting any copyrighted material in an
  electronic form that is accessible by others, even if posted for
  personal use, is in violation of law and is prohibited. Similar
  prohibitions apply to the posting of trademarks or other protected
  symbols and the use and/or distribution of computer software or
  other electronic information and written materials, or parts thereof,
  without permission of the copyright holder.

* University computing resources shall not be used for commercial or
  for-profit purposes.

* Student email accounts can be terminated if used in a manner
  inconsistent with University policy.

* Student email accounts are provided at the discretion of the
  University and can be removed or terminated at the discretion of
  the University.


* Requests for name change must be initiated with the Registrar's
  office in the Administration Building, Room 105. Once this is done
  you will then need to report your name change request to the
  helpdesk at or 575.562.4357. Once approved,
  the change will occur at the discretion of Information Technology